Video Transcript

Bernie Siegel

Michael: "Do you feel that we all possess inner guides?


Bernie: "Oh yeah. I think that we"re all capable of it. If you are a member of the species, you can do what anybody else had done. I don't think that there's anything unusual. And that includes healers, channeling and all these things. If we're willing to allow ourselves to experience this deeper awareness and knowledge, its there. There's a lot of fascinating stuff out there; much of it said by Carl Jung. I think literally in a sense we all know everything that has preceded us. Its part of out consciousness. I've had dr4eams in foreign languages which are correct when I've gotten them interpreted. You'd say: where did you learn that? How did you know it? Jung had a lot of those experiences and wrote about them. So, the collective unconscious is present in all of us, and the more we allow that intuitive part to run our lives, the better we are. We are in the right place at the right time when that kind of thing happens."