Video Transcript

Joan Borysenko

Michael: I have a question about this deeper self. You don't discuss it in the book, but do you view this deeper self as being in some sense immortal? Going beyond the boundaries of our own physical being?

Joan: "Well, its interesting. I know that you are a philosopher and I knew that you'd have to get that question in! And, I think that its a very personal question because I think that it belongs to everyone's experience. We get into the realm of what's spiritual and that has to do with what has meaning. To me, that inner self has to do with whatever the conscious energy of the universe is made of. In other words, I think the same way the physicists will tell us that the same energy that's in a tree in a different form is the energy that's the ocean. Its the same atoms and molecules. There's some Life-force that permeates everything, and my sense is that indeed we are all part of a larger whole and we all conceptualize that in a different way. But, yes, in that way, it goes beyond the limits simply of a physical body."