Video Transcript

Robert Thurman

"I believe philosophically that it is our responsibility at this time to project the positive and insist upon it. Its like that is a kind of contribution to the positive; to visualize it, and to act to prepare for it. Afterall, there is no point in preparing for doomsday because we'll just be gone. Although actually, on a spiritual level, of course, preparing our own loving heart will help anyway because we'll be reborn in a non-doomsday planet and we'll deal with our negative or positive emotions in the same way, from a Buddhist perspective. Not we identically, Mike and Bob, but, you know, two continua, two sentient continua.....But, my point is as far as being on the planet, we might as well plan for positive continuation and insist upon it, and not even allow ourselves to be captivated by the crippling image of universal doomsday, which people in power particularly indulge in I have noticed so they can cynically justify their failure to use their power for the positive by saying 'it is hopeless, so I am going to keep my twenty billion for myself eventhough I know I can't spend it all. I am not going to share it with the people in Harlem or anywhere because it wouldn't do any good". But, my point about inner revolution is the power of positivity. We have to be positive. Its like a duty to cultivate mind and orient it and prepare for the positive outcome and work for it."